Romantic Tent

My Copy Cat Project

Like many of you, I too am addicted to Pinterest…. who is the genius that came up with that?  I was cruising thru all kinds of stuff recently and came across this cute little tent.  Hmmm I thought, what could I possibly do with this cute little thing??  Turns out they were for sale ;) saa~weet!
 Unfortunately they are charging $ 250.00 bummer.. just not in my budget for a tent.  SO…… the wheels in my head start turning fast lol….
Here was my Inspiration, cute huh?
(doesn’t include any accessories)

original design by Monk & Honey
After putting a call into my handy dandy dad running this idea past him,  he loaded his truck with tools & was on his way to help me build my own tent.  My dad is awesome & I am a tad bit spoiled ;)

This was my creation
~Glamorous Camping~ aka Glamping
     It measures 6′ tall 7′ deep (it was 7′ tall but I had to cut it down a foot so I could easily move it alone)
It was a hit, I surprised my man & we had a romantic evening, hooked up a little TV and watched a movie under the stars
~DIY Tutorial To be Posted Soon~


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