About Me

I never really know what to put in these about me sections because what do people really want to know about me?
I'm a stay at home "wanna be mom" I say "wanna be" because I do have PCOS which has made it difficult in trying to start a family.  We have been trying for 7 years, 4 IVF's, 1 IUI, & 2 miscarriages.  I am still hopeful that one day that miracle will happen for us one way or another.  In spite of having PCOS I live a full life, I don't let it get me down & take control over me.  Though I am missing a child in my life, I am thankful for all the great things that I do have in my life. The precious pup in my profile picture is our 4 legged child, Boris & he is 5 years old.  I never really knew man's best friend until we got Boris.  He is my baby. Yep I am one of those nutty sick dog owners. My schedule has been know to revolve around him.  I enjoy crafting, cooking & thrift shopping. My newest hobby is giving new life to old furniture & selling it. I am hoping to connect with others who share my same interest.

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