Chalk Paint Recipe

How to make your own chalk paint using    

Plaster Of Paris

Though I love to buy the Designer chalk paints like Masion Blanche or Annie Sloan, it is not always in my budget to do so.

Here is the recipe that I use to get the chalk paint look.

Plaster of Paris
Latex Paint
Hot Water 

You can find the Plaster of Paris at most major hardware stores or I bought mine at Michael's.  It's a large tub and will last you a loooong time

3 parts paint
1 part plaster of paris water

I start by adding 2 Tbls of plaster to 5 Tbls of HOT water & mix well, adding more water if needed until you get a smooth consistency. Once you get the consistency you like, then add the mixture to 2 -3 cups of paint.  There really is no specific recipe on how to make the chalk paint, this is the basic to get you started and then you can adjust depending on your liking.

When you use this mixture,  as you paint it will be gritty like you painted in a sand storm, but don't worry, once the paint dries you take a fine grit sandpaper ( I use 440) and you sand over it to get the creamy chalk look. 

 So there you have it, you can create the chalk paint look with any color you wish for just a fraction of the price of designer chalk paints.

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