Monday, April 29, 2013

Store Peek

Okay here it is,  a peek at my lil store
Nicolina Picolina at Fourth Street Antiques.
 I am kind of a lazy blogger & just prefer to post a quick facebook picture, but I have put a lot of work into my little shop & so it was worthy of blog post ;)
I was so nervous when I made the commitment and signed on the dotted line..... I just kept second guessing myself wondering if I was getting myself into something I could not handle. I mean I like the furniture I refinish but I am always asking myself will someone else like it enough to buy it?? I have been in the store just a few days short of a month and so far so good.  It has been a bit stressful but a fun stressful.  I have already met alot of great people and new opportunities have already presented themselves to me.
I am located inside this cute little antique store. You will find the shabby chic treasures hidden in the rear of the store

Here are some of the bird houses that I make, actually most of the wood items you will see in my store are handmade by me.

A few samples of my tool boxes

Does this flower remind anyone of the move E.T or is it just me

This one is filled with some of my Fourth Of July goodies that I am starting to bring into the shop

Some misc odds & ends (note the blue dress is not part of my shop)

Some yummy smelling soaps

Try to look past the background stuff.  That is the neighbors spot, I thought I might get in trouble if I took all his stuff down to make my pictures look better hehehe

 So there it is, a peek at my lil shop.  I made that move from out of the garage & into a store.
Thanks for stopping by ;)
Here is my copycat version of Fox Hollow Cottage's Wreath  
Tutorial can be seen at Pool Noodle Wreath
Total cost to make $3.00


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